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cheap moncler What Do Kids Who Live On A Boat Do For Fun
December 03, 2015

What Do Kids Who Live On A Boat Do For Fun

The Astin family was living peacefully in Rockaway, New York when Hurricane Sandy struck, destroying their home and way of life. Instead of rebuilding on land, the Astins decided to pursue a different type of fresh start at sea. The family of four has been living on their sailboat for the past three years, performing music in their band Stell and Snuggs, and loving the adventure. It was a treat having Jarad, Christel, Arden and Riley on the show to hear their incredible story.

Fun on the boat

Living your entire life on a 43′ sailboat might seem stifling to some kids, but not for the Astin daughters. Arden, 14, and Riley, 4, have both been living at sea for the past two years, and are big supporters of the whole endeavor (even homeschooling!). Riley’s favorite feature of the ship is a "slippery part" she slides around on, while Arden prefers the freedom of "jumping off the boat and going swimming", and has gotten pretty into paddleboarding, even entering competitions.

Even though Riley is "in the process" of becoming a comfortable swimmer (she wears a life jacket for safety), the Astins all like to snorkle together whenever they’re docked near a beach.

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